Psychic Vision Of A Screw In My Car Tire

Friday, 24 August 2018

A few days ago I was walking on my driveway towards the car and I had a mental image in my mind of a big silver nail in my car tire. I shrugged it off thinking yeah that’s all I need.

As I was driving to the shops I noticed a noise that sounded like a flat tire but could not see anything, when I stopped to check my tires. They all seemed ok.

The next day I had to go in to the city for something, and on the way home I heard the noise again. This time I thought, right that must be a nail in the tire. I got home safely and told hubby, he was saying, no, that can’t be the case or the tire would be flat. Again the image was in my head. I told him so and I was adamant about it. So we took it to the garage and sure enough it was a big silver screw stuck in the tire.

I must be psycho or something, lol. 😏😂

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