The Kalergi Plan Is But A Satanic Plan

Sunday, 26 August 2018

The Kalergi Plan Is But A Satanic Plan

Image result for kalegeri plan of Satan are the words that come to mind with this “thing.”
He is partly responsible for what is sweeping Europe and the Western world right now.
This is a Satanic/Freemason /Cabal agenda make no mistake about that, snow flakes have embraced this plan with glee.Did you know the term” Snow Flake” was used as a derogatory word in the UK back in the 60s and 70s? It was a put down of white people. Did you ever watch the sit com” Love they neighbour”? I did, I actually love the show, it was very well done and the actors I have much respect for.The destruction of the Western world and its allies has been planned  way back in the 18th century. Now after two world wars and world depressions, and the loss of industry from the Western world, the reality is hitting home to any one with a brain.The only people that are monitoring the train wreck and are paying attention to this and see the end is at hand.
One would have to be living under a rock and in denial to not see what is happening.

This is a planned genocide that is taking place and the weak minded, gutless and under educated refuse to see this monstrosity. But they will have to live with it and the AI take over. Karma is a desert best served cold and they will have that desert.

People that have followed my blog since the beginning will notice many documents removed over a few year around this subject. Why? Because it is a hot potato that’s why. Under educated people jump to the wrong conclusions, because they have been brain washed or indoctrinated by the Marxist Satanic 1% that shape your reality to respond that way. The 1% do so because the under educated and the willfully ignorant allow this.

These under educated people then intimidate those that are aware of the reality and try to discredit them. This is a classic problem, reaction solution mind game as old as the hills to make you fall in to line, think of communist nations and the tactics employed by their rulers and carried out by the masses on each other. This is the exact same formula. It reminds me of that movie Idiocracy, that is your actual world today and Hollywood is laughing at you because they can.

Hollywood, as in a magicians wand (made from the holy tree) weave their Satanic spell over the masses to assist this New World Order. Pretty clever really isn’t it. A multi pronged multi level sustained attack on the masses. But it only works when a little sweeter is added to it to keep the masses entranced.

This is a carefully stage managed situation that the masses have walked right into. A multi leveled well coordinated attack on your intelligence, your moral, ethical and spiritual values.. You have been conned into feeling ashamed of your race, your cultural identity and all that was once held dear. This is down right embarrassing to an intelligent normal functioning human being. No self-respecting and intelligent individual would tolerate such abuse, but there you go. Television and the electronic media are much needed tools for this to work along with the education system, or what passes for education these days.

Did you know about history (HIS STORY) being redacted at present, similar to the dark ages? Just look at the historical statues in the USA being pulled down because someone is offended. That is part of erasing history, but the masses accept it like the snow flakes they are.

I make no apologizes for being blunt about this. People have had decades to see the elephant in the room. Why should intelligent people remain silent? At present people are defending themselves from each other. verbally but pretty soon it will be working class intelligent people against working class under educated people fighting in the streets. The battle lines are already drawn by the 1% but the thick-head snowflakes still do not see it. Sure go right on listening to mainstream   propaganda. Look at your country and ask why is it in a state of ruin? Simple you let it happen, you the ignorant under educated masses.

This is part of construct called free will and cosmic law in action.  Everything is being told to you as per the rules of cosmic law. The controllers (the 1%), have already told you of their intentions many times. Your silence is taken as consent by 1% by the way. The masses however are willfully ignorant and are refusing  to pay attention. I have said many times though that there is nothing against cosmic law being obscured. It is up to us to think and work it out for ourselves. The funny thing is, is when it is pointed out the under educated attack those that are trying to warn them.

Have you noticed the police are not on your side on the attacks on Westerners by the African and Middle eastern men roaming in gangs? No because the hidden powers that be have put the word out to the police that it is hands off these guys. Have you ever wondered why? Go on to YouTube or do a Google search on what is going on in Germany, France, Denmark and major European nations, and now in Australia, mainly Melbourne. Very few nations have put in place measures to stop this. You wont see it on MSM but it is all over the internet.

Most European people are totally aware of this fact but many English speaking nations like Australia are clueless about what is really going on. But they like it that way, ignorance is bliss, never mind what is happening over in Europe, bring us your African and middle eastern men in droves, we will submit to their authority over us snowflakes.

10 years down the track it will be, oh gee, how did this civil war happen on my doorstep? I wonder what I did wrong.  Help police!  Er, too late game over, and you snow flakes lost before you even got started, move on nothing to see here.  This is an other scam removing kids from families under false pretenses.

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